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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
Tontek Circuits applies advanced product quality planning (APQP) procedures to ensure that all customer requirements and specifications can be fulfilled in production. Our team has received training for VDA 6.3 and project management.

Quality Confirms to:

   IPC A 600 H

   PERFAG 2E, 3C

   IPC 6012 & IPS 4101

   IPC RB 276

   MIL P 55110D

   IPC 6018B

Quality control

Tontek Circuits applies industry standard incoming, in-process and final inspections for all production lots. Test include:

• 100% AOI (automatic optical inspection) and electrical testing

• 100% resistance test for STH/CPTH parts

• 100% HiPot test for IMS parts

• Micro-sections to check line/space and vias

• Solder mask adhesion test

• Surface finish thickness by x-ray (HASL, Immersion tin, ENIG) and UV spectrophotometer (OSP)

• Physical dimensions by 2D measurement system

• Solderability by IR, solder dipping and floating tests

• ISO/TS 16949

• ISO9001:2015

• UL 94 v-0

• RoHS Compliance (Option)

Quality Management

Incoming Quality Control
We use the international famous brand of raw materials and make inspection standard according to the International Standard and customer requirements. We keep monitoring suppliers continuous improvement activities and build long-term partnership with all suppliers.

In-Process Quality Control
Good products come from good manufacturing but not inspection. We have standard manufacturing process and detailed work instructions for each operation station in production line to make sure that operation standard are implemented correctly.

Final Quality Control
We inspect and control strictly the outgoing products quality according to the international standards and customer standards, follow up the quality performance of products after sales and take rapid and effective improvement actions when there are any abnormal quality feedbacks.